May 20, 2021

Vernon County Ambulance District will be holding their regular board meeting in the conference room at 515 E Walnut Nevada Mo. on May 20, 2021. Posted this day May 19, 2021 by Valerie Hardy, Office Assistant.


  1. Call Meeting to Order (TIME)
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the tentative Agenda
  4. Welcome Guests:
  5. Public Participation:
  6. Approval of Minutes for April 15, 2021
  7. Treasurer Report April 2021
  8. Financials:
    *Proposed Bills
    *MEM refund/audit
  9. New Business:
    *Frank Foster Contract Renewal
    *Set by-law meeting
    *Stair chair bids
    *Insurance bids
  10. Old Business:
    *Antenna repair
  11. Assistant Director Report:
    *Maintenance Report
    *MEM grant
  12. Directors Report:
    *Supervisors Report
    *Executive Session
    (3) Hiring, firing, disciplining, or promoting of particular employees by a public governmental body when personal information about the employee is discussed or recorded. However, any vote on a final decision, when taken y a public governmental body, to hire, fire, promote or discipline and employee of a public governmental body shall be made available with a record of how each member voted to the public within seventy-two hours of the close of the meeting where such action occurs; provided, however that any employee so affected shall be entitled to prompt notice of such decision during the seventy-two-hour period before such decision is made available to the public. As used in this subdivision, the term “personal information” means information relating to the performance or merit of individual employees.
    *closed minutes
  13. Open session (time)
  14. Adjournment (time)