Standby's | Disaster Drills | Ride Along Program


Our district provides standby medial services, by request, to many local events and activities, such as: sporting events, school activities, festivals, parades, rodeos, truck and tractor pulls, National Night Out, Big Truck Night, our community health fair, as well as provides support to our local fire department during structure fires.

Disaster Drills

These are used to perfect organizational response to a particular emergency situation, such as extreme weather, bomb threat or multi-vehicle accidents.  Effective disaster drills should be realistic, interactive and moderately stressful for participants.  Our organization participates annually in disaster drills, in conjunction with local police, sheriff, fire, hospital and other emergency personnel.  Our staff also participates in our local high school DocuDrama, during Safe and Sober Week. 

Community Outreach

Additionally, VCAD offers the opportunity for our crews to come speak to your group or organization about job duties, equipment, career opportunities, etc. Employees will allow tours of the ambulance, answer questions and provide age appropriate information for audiences. Contact us at 417-677-5079 if you would like us to come speak tor your grup about what we do!

Ride Along Program

VCAD partners with the Nevada Regional Technical Center’s Health Sciences class, MSSU, Crowder and surrounding entities EMT/EMT-P classes for students added experience in the medical field. Students are allowed to shadow staff on the rig and observe all calls received.

Third Rider Duties and Responsibilities

  • Third riders must be appropriately dressed either in standard uniform or professional appearing clothing. Closed toe, low heel shoes must be worn. Hair must be tied back if longer than the collar and must be neat in appearance. Jewelry is restricted to wedding bands and wristwatches.
  • All third riders are restricted to patient confidentiality and must comply with all HIPPA guidelines. They will not discuss any part of the patient condition or transport to any non-medical personnel or any medical personnel not directly responsible for patient care.
  • All minor students will need Guardian signature to ride.
  • Third riders will wear gloves for all patient contact no matter how minor.
  • Third riders will follow OSHA regulations for Bloodborne Pathogens. If the third rider is unfamiliar with these regulations, they will seek guidance from the paramedic when faced with any potential blood or body fluids prior to handling the patient.
  • No eating, drinking, chewing of gum, applying cosmetics or lip balm, or handling of contact lens is permitted in the patient compartment of the ambulance.
  • Third riders will wear seat belts at all times.
  • Third riders are under the direction of the Senior Medic on the ambulance, and will follow his/her instructions at all times. Question and answer sessions are encouraged when appropriate to patient care.
  • Third riders are not permitted to operate the stretcher in any form when loaded with a patient.
  • Third riders are not permitted to act as a primary “lifter” when moving patients.
  • Third riders are permitted to utilize their Basic Life Support Skills with the expressed consent and in the presence of the Medic providing patient care.
  • Third riders who are not students and who do not possess any medical certifications or license will not provide any patient care, but may be allowed to observe.
  • Appropriate attitude, behavior and language will be utilized at all times by the third rider during the ride out. A third rider may be asked to leave the ride at any time if the rider’s attitude, behavior, or language is inappropriate.

Third riders are not allowed to drive the ambulance or operate any of the lights or sirens. He/she will be allowed to operate ambulance equipment necessary to patient care upon instruction from and in the presence of the Medic providing patient care.